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Why ZF and not other brands?

  • Unique 127" long track - the 120" tracks get stuck easier in the deep & the 129s feel slow spooling and not nimble?.. ZF's length is right in the sweet spot.

  • Soft strut allowing up to 3/8" shock absorbing travel.

  • 12.5" wide track with stiffer ~2.6" lugs -  perfect blend of track speed and deep snow performance. 

  • Light & durable - rear track kit is only 113.5 lb, including the fit kit. **Other brands often quote the weight without the fit kit :)

  • Rear brake uses the bike's OEM caliper and brake - why "re-invent the wheel" when OEM manufacturers have perfected the bike brake system already

  • Kit can be lowered by moving the front swing arm to lower install position. 

  • Fit Kit options to cover most brands/models, including some of the 690-700cc ktm bikes.

about us

First off, who is ZF? - originally a sprockets manufacturer, currently a Beta motorcycles factory team partner, designing parts and taking the Beta team to many enduro championships. It is recognized as the ZF Sprockets brand name.


Now, about us - we love to ride, share the passion about the sport, and have partnered with ZF to bring you the best snow bike system to the US at an incredible value 

New handle design + brake cover for 2024 models


127" long track MSRP: 5999$
** 2yr warranty


Custom designed and tuned for ZF shocks from Ohlins available as an upgrade suspension option

(Questions and other info:


A lot of you ask how we compare with 120" models from other brands:


- our  127" long model kit directly competes with the higher end models from other brands that run 129" long tracks, including the 3 and 3+ inch paddle models..., and NO!...,unlike others, we don't compromise on the agility factor - it feels like a 120 but performs like a 129.



Updates for the 2024 models: Some new nice to have features are now added - rear garb handle re-design, new brake disk cover, and some bolt/mount minor re-designs as well. 



What is new for 2023 - new and improved track attack angle, brake disk, frame support.


Model options - due to a popular size demand for the 127" long track, we have decided to only offer the 127" product. Custom order for other sizes is possible. 

Shocks - non adjustable shocks come by default on the kit, which perform great for 99% of riders. You can order adjustable shocks (extra cost), made and specially snow tuned by Ohlins who has been the leading brand and choice for the pro snowmobilers, more info go to

Orders & timing - If in WA state and in stock, as early as next day. Otherwise orders can take a week or so, depending on shipping schedules. The kits come from Europe.

Want to learn more about our snowbike kit, or purchase, send us a message at, or use the form below, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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